Levi’s, Kraft, YouTube, & other billion-dollar brands have used this formula to create loyal tribes of zealots — and you can too

The world has flipped. Can you flip with it?

The coronavirus has not only wreaked havoc on our personal lives (and claimed an unfathomable amount), but is also sieging its invisible assault on startups. Despite the sun on the horizon with vaccine breakthroughs, the pandemic will not be vanquished soon, and businesses will continue to be challenged, McKinsey consulting projects, with a grim forecast for SMBs. (For a brief gaze into the carnage, see Forbes’ pandemic Startup Failure Tracker.)

But you didn’t click to hear more bad news: The silver lining is that there is a proven, seven-step method you can utilize to not only survive the pandemic as…

See the tactics that the Founders of Google, Patagonia, and other entrepreneurs used to take their companies to the top.

Achieving radical success is confusing, intimidating and can seem impossibly far out of reach. Thankfully, some of the most successful CEOs have left a trail of breadcrumbs so you can follow in their footsteps.

To find your path to success, look no further than Moonshots; a podcast that goes behind-the-scenes with the world’s greatest innovators to uncover their secrets.

If you have the time, I recommend you give each hour-plus long podcast a good listen. …

Why medical experts are swapping pixels for painkillers.

Every day, over 115 people die by overdosing on opiods. Plenty of experts predict that this trend will continue to get worse. Death notwithstanding, the odds are that you probably know someone (or know of someone) that has become addicted to opiates (I know I do).

While there’s a plethora of research aimed at ending opiate addiction, there’s one aspect scientists haven’t been able to solve — until now, perhaps: pain.

People who are in pain from medical treatments or illness often have no choice but to use opiates. …

This new concept could disrupt the art industry.

We’re in an instant gratification age where everything on the internet and on our phones is screaming for our limited attention. So, especially with the younger generation, the luxury art business can sometimes be a hard sell. You’re also competing with evolving new mediums, such as virtual reality art. And even for those with an attentive appreciation for art, buying a painting is a costly and semi-permanent decision (until you go through the work selling it, at least).

Smart-Collectors, a innovative new art platform, is seeking to disrupt the art industry and…

“Companies don’t come with a soul, you have to create one.”

Twelve years ago, Patrick Hanlon started Primal Branding with a simple (albeit pretty difficult) mission: How do you create a community that becomes so passionate about your success, they create it themselves?

The concept is one that flies in the face of traditional marketing. Instead of pouring thousands of dollars into gimmicky advertising campaigns, why not let consumers do the talking for you? After all, a passionate fan holds a lot more water than yet another Facebook Ad.

Using seven elements, the goal is to tap into the primitive hardwiring of our brains and extract the crowd theory that breeds…

Steal these insanely creative marketing ideas to stand out from the crowd.

The truth is that most marketing and promotion doesn’t work if it isn’t stunning or original.

Take paid display ads, for instance: only 0.6% of us will actually click on them (and that’s according to Google, who has a lot of skin in the game). And when it comes to sponsor content, I know I’m not the only one who keeps on scrolling. Simply put, most ads are played out, and we’d rather stare at a brick wall or a muted screen than be barraged by them.

On the other hand, creative ads that manage to stand out can be…

Source: LTProject.com

When most of us think about virtual reality, video games, festivals, and advertising often come to mind. Fine art? Maybe not so much.

However, virtual reality is starting to make the transition from commercial aesthetics to art, and the results are groundbreaking. Just like VR and AR are revolutionizing the tech world, it’s causing big waves in galleries and museums. And while there are some skeptics, one should remember how new mediums like photography and film were initially scorned, and operas had the power to cause riots in the streets. …

See how you can use the technique that doubled demand for Marriott’s services.

When it comes to marketing, it’s easy for your voice to get lost in the crowd. Although they do have their place, your Facebook Ads, blog posts — or any other traditional advertising — has to be heard amongst the immense noise and racket.

That’s why uncommon and unique marketing tactics can be incredibly effective. And Marriott Hotels did just that.

They started to place virtual reality headsets in their hotel rooms, which allowed users to experience traveling to different locations. From their hotel room in NYC, for instance, they could “travel” to Hawaii, or explore Peru.

And this was…


Virtual reality marketing will likely become a new staple for business, and you don’t want to miss out.

Virtual reality (or VR) isn’t reserved for high-tech labs or sci-fi movies anymore. In fact, it’s become quite prominent, and experts predict its popularity will explode in the next year or so.

Don’t just take my word for it: Research found that 22.4 million Americans use virtual reality at least once a month. It’s predicted that by the end of 2018, the number of U.S. virtual reality users will grow to 36.7 million (over a 60% increase in just one year).

And this growth isn’t from high-end gaming devices, either. …

Credit: Ltproject.com

The new philosophy “buy experiences, not things” has the art world scrambling. These days, the affluent would rather shell out thousands for a trip to Disney World instead of buying a fine art piece.

Don’t just take my word for it, however. According to The Guardian, “New figures show we are continuing to spend less money on buying things, and more on doing things — and telling the world about it online afterwards, of course.” …

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